Biñas: Sin shabu supply from Mindanao


BACOLOD CITY – The police chief here identified drug syndicates based in Mindanao as the supply sources of a high-value target suspected of distributing meth in the city.

Biñas told DNX Mohaisin Mama Magondacan alias Sin had been identified in police intelligence reports as a major distributor of illegal drugs over the past few years.

“He is a HVT (high value target) but not necessarily a druglord,” Binas said when asked if Sin had taken over local distribution after the conviction of last known druglord Jose Kim Cuadra in 2006.

Magindacan was nabbed in a buy-bust operation around 3pm, November 24, in Blk. 2, St. Vincent sub-village in Brgy. Alijis.

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