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Capitol says no to more incoming flights

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – The provincial government has rejected proposals from airline companies for additional flights coming in to Negros Occidental this Yuletide season.

Lawyer Rayfrando Diaz, provincial administrator, said the provincial government and local government units (LGUs) might have a problem if they allow more flights inti the province this December.

Diaz said some of the LGUs have requested a moratorium for locally stranded individuals (LSIs) because most of the quarantine facilities are already in full capacity.

“If we allow additional flights while LGUs are requesting a moratorium for LSIs, we might have a problem where we will put the arriving Negrenses? ” Diaz said.

The airline companies, meanwhile, suggested to have an earlier flight for Negrense LSIs before the requested moratorium take effect on 21 December until 3 January.

“Additional flights is not an option but we are also working out with the airline companies. They have a suggestion that those LSIs affected by the moratorium can be brought home before their original scheduled flight,” he said.

The Provincial Incident Management Team has yet to assess whether the provincial staff can accommodate the influx of returning Negrenses this December.

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