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Buhat Paglaum: Creating beauty despite the madness

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There are artists, and there are artists.

Kokoi Baldo and Martin Miravalles are the latter.

The duo were quite the double act when they sang during the Buhat Paglaum’s fund-raising digital concert, the rock night of rock nights, as Kokoi’s vocals seamlessly blend with Martin’s growls.

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Martin is of course THE Martin of Mighty Hillamoon, and the song of choice is Tiktik sa Dulom, a conscious political commentary of those who come to villages every three days wielding promises, then stealing more than dreams for the next three years.

Buhat Paglaum is the brainchild of Headrush’s Ryan Saez, and 13th Parea’s Jae Espino, directed by Juno Oebando.

It has since featured bands like the aforementioned Mighty Hillamoon, as well as acts like Kokoi Baldo and Beto Tiano’s Nancy Brew.

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These are artists with varying degrees of recognizeability, artists that in a more just world would be big acts raking in millions. The prevailing health crisis, however, had crushed dreams of making it big, and along with it, the possibility of depriving artists of the means to continue what they love most, for who in their right mind would want to attend a concert with the possibility of infecting the head-slammer next to you?

This is something that Jae does not want to happen, thus the creation of Buhat Paglaum, which is more than just a fund-raiser but a platform that would bring a flagging industry alive.

Jae is upbeat.

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He refuses to believe that this is the end of the road for artists and art in general. And, always one to see a glass of water half-full, Jae believes that the pandemic has brought out – in a strange way – an opportunity for artists to shine in their own way.

“People are now listening more to local artists, an in their moments of introspection, they resort to sounds that would help them cope with the crisis,” he said.

People no longer just listen to EDM, he agreed, but they have grown to appreciate the smoother, subtle sounds of locally-produced music.

Because that was what music does. It inspires people, provides as outlet for those who to rage against the machine (like Martin), or create beautiful sound out of nothing (like Kokoi), or repurpose classic arrangements into something new (like Beto’s Nancy Brew).

Music binds people, saves lives, and more importantly, is the go-to form for those who want to make their lives better.

Watch Buhat Paglaum’s fourth installment on Friday, 17 July, 2020.

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