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BIATF identifies four ultra-risk areas in three Bacolod City villages, houses to be sealed off; but barangays not under lockdown

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – The local COVID inter-agency task force here has identified four houses in three villages for possible sealing off after its residents were identified to have been exposed to confirmed COVID patients.

Task force chair, Vice-Mayor El Cid Familiaran told DNX these houses are in the sub-village of Villamonte, Taculing, and Singcang-Airport.

There are two houses in Taculing, one each in two residential subdivisions, and one each in Singcang and Villamonte.

Bacolod Inter Agency Task Force chair Vice Mayor El Cid Familaran. | DNX file photo.

Familiaran said village officials and the local police will coordinate ground operations and come up with plans on how to cordon off an identified house.

The general guidelines as of now involve:

  • sealing off the house and prevent the residents from coming out, and people from coming in;
  • putting up a temporary outpost outside the house that will be manned round-the-clock by policemen;
  • supplying the residents with food packs and, if the residents don’t like the food rations, they can have food delivered to their homes or request the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team to do shopping for them.

Familiaran said the families in these houses have been exposed to confirmed infected people.

He did not give additional details.

After a 14-day quarantine period, the City Health Office will check people in these homes.

Health authorities will then decide if the cordon will be lifted.

The three villages are among the most populated areas in the city. (READ: Village officials lock down Victoria Street in Eroreco, Bacolod)

Taculing has an estimated 40,000 population, Singcang Airport 33,000; and Villamonte 37,000 baeed on the latest census.

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