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BACuna Card for fully vaxxed residents launched

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Residents of Bacolod may be required to present proof of their vaccination to restaurants and other places soon as the city government launched today the BACuna Card.

The Card will primarily serve, for now, as a “passport” for fully vaccinated residents who are going on domestic travel.

Bacolod Mayor Evelio Leonardia and Em Legaspi-Ang, executive director of the Emergency Operations Center-Task Force, led officials during the ceremony held at the Bacolod City Government Center.

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“This will make our travel more convenient. Bacolenos who are BACuna cardholders will simply present this when they travel in and out of the city,” Leonardia said.

Leonardia told the media the release of the BACuna Card is very timely considering that COVID infections in the city are on a decline the last two weeks with only 18 cases recorded today.

The last time Bacolod had cases below 18 for the day was last 18 August yet, he pointed out.

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Eventually, he continued, the BACuna Card will be used by restaurants to allow customers to dine in, or movie houses or cinemas may also require the same in the future.

One peculiar feature of the BACuna Card is the fact that it is QR-coded, Edrien Robete, head of the EOC Data Management Cluster, explained.

Once it is swiped, important vaccination data of the vaccinee will appear, such as the date he or she was jabbed, among others, thus, assuring its authenticity, Robete further said.

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Dr. Chris Sorongon, EOC deputy for medical, data analysis and management, said
the BACuna Card is a digital copy of a person’s vaccination record with a scannable QR code for quick verification and authentication.

Since the BACuna Card is still on its first phase, it is only available for fully vaxxed individuals and for those who are traveling locally.

To get a copy of your BACuna Card, Sorongon said, applicants may contact the MITCS office through its Facebook Support Page, email address and telephone number, Robete said.

The MITCS-Bacolod landline is (034) 435-4168.

Its FB Page is https://www.facebook.com/BCDGOVTECHSUPPORT.

Applicants may also send email to [email protected]

Sorongon emphasized that the BACuna Card can be used for domestic travel and is an alternative in lieu of the vaccine certificate or vaccine card.

In the future, he added, other establishments may only allow fully vaccinated individuals to dine in, watch movies after presenting their card.

The authentication of validity of vaccine record will be faster, he said, adding that those applying for it will get their cards after 2 to 3 days, Sorongon said.

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