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BaCTrac updates system; receives complaints of slow response time

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The volume of requests for registration in Bacolod City’s contact tracing app has caused the system to slow down, thus requiring an update. (READ: Bacolod launches new ‘tech-savvy’ approach vs. COVID-19)

The Bacolod City PIO, in its advisory late last night, said the website for contact tracing is experiencing “slow response time” because of the sheer volume of requests for registration.

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Earlier, the Business Permits and Licensing Division of the Bacolod City Government has advised all business establishments to register with the City’s COVID-19 contact tracing app, giving them only 15 days starting 26 September to do so.

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The City Ordinance, the “COVID-19 Contact Tracing System Ordinance of Bacolod City,” was authored by president of the Liga ng mga Barangay Councilor Lady Gles Pallen, and covers all business establishments, government offices, residents, and visitors within the territorial jurisdiction of Bacolod City, including public utilities and spaces, such as but not limited to, public markets, public terminals and public transport.

As the countdown begins for the 15-day registration period for the app has started last 26 September, the deadline for registration will be on 11 October when the app expires.

Sanctions will be levied on late registrants.

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The “BaCTrac Contact Tracing System” is a web-based and mobile-based app developed for efficient and expeditious contact tracing of confirmed COVID-19 positive patients in the city and, consequently, allow the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Task Force to easily locate people suspected of having contact with COVID-19 patients.


The city government officially launched last 29 September 2020, and will enable Bacolod City to use the South Cotabato Covid Contact Tracing System (SC-CCTS), which initially developed the program. (READ: Bacolod adopting South Cotabato contact tracing system)

To facilitate the app’s use, Bacolod City residents and visitors into the City will be required to register online in the BaCTrac system. To register, one can visit www.bacolodcity.gov.ph and access the BaCTrac page.

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Upon registration, an individual will be issued a BaCTrac Card which contains his/her name, address, identification number, and a uniquely-assigned quick response (QR) code.

Business and government establishments will also be required to download the mobile app’s “CCTS Logger” on Google Store to be able to scan BaCTrac cards.

The cards will be used to sign in to a digital logbook, through scanning the QR code, upon entry into government premises or private establishments for the purpose of recording the date and time of visit.


Failure to register within the prescribed period will be penalized in accordance with Section 13 of CO No. 941.

Under the ordinance, penalties ranging from P1,000, P2,500, and P5,000 and/or imprisonment for not more than six months for the first, second, and third and succeeding offenses, respectively, await private establishments and government offices that fail to comply.

The same range of penalties shall be meted out to individuals who will use the BaCTrac Card of another person upon entry into government premises or business establishments in Bacolod City.*/CITY PIO

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