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ART AND LIFESTYLE | The art of woman

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Feet, what do I need them for, If I have wings to fly.” ― Frida Kahlo

The woman has always been the subject of art, of poetry, of songs as artists, poets, and minstrels devote time and lyrics and paint waxing philosophically about her temperament, her beauty, her body, her mind, her soul.

She has always been deconstructed, with attempts to demystify her as numerous as attempts to vilify her.

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Lalaine Cerrada. Artist. Woman. Survivor.

From the Venus de Milo, to the voluptuous images of the Renaissance, to the crass vintage 40s ads to femme fatale of the 60s to the liberated career woman of the 90s, the image of the woman been the subject of either vile objectification or almost idolatrous adoration.

As Mariahilfer and Vienna celebrate Women’s Week, seven artists are featured in Dei Glorriechen 7 (The Glorious 7).

frida art
“Paragon”, 2020, LALAiNE
Graphite, Wax, Gel Pens on Paper

One of the featured artists is Lalaine Cerrada, Bacolod bred and born art expert and connoisseur. The only artist from Asia that made it to the Magic 7, Lalaine is also the lone artist that did not come from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

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Yes, that’s the same academy that rejected Hitler TWICE when he wanted to be a professional artist. 

frida art 2
Il Filo Rosso: Contentment, Peace, Happiness

So it was not a surprise that Lalaine felt herself shaking with excitement when her works were chosen.

An accomplished art connoisseur and artist known for her avante-garde style, Lalaine – a survivor of a life-threatening disease – also celebrates being a woman through her art.

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Her art, along with those of her fellow artists, were showcased and unveiled via livestream last 15 October.

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