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An alumna’s legacy

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Hers was one of the most beautiful faces that ever graced the silver screen.

She was paired with the best-looking eligible men in cinema, and had worked with the likes of Celso Ad Castillo, Armando de Guzman, and the man whom she would eventually marry, arguably the biggest action star of the country, Fernando Poe Jr.

Thus news of her death recently shocked the industry as fans and the industry itself mourned the passing of one of the most loved icons of Philippine Cinema.

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Susan Roces — born Jesusa Sonora — might have passed but her legacy continues as people who knew her celebrate her life.

Among those are the people in her alma mater La Consolacion College- Bacolod where Roces graduated high school in 1956.

The property which the family Roces has donated in year 1956 right after she graduated now serves as the Crisis and Psychotrauma Center.

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The center was established in 2019 when the school celebrated its centennial year.

The CPTC is known to be the first psychotrauma center in the region which aims to help a community that has been experiencing all kinds of trauma.

Rodjhun Navarro, Vice President on Research, Innovation and Linkages of LCC-B said that the property has then served as a girl’s dormitory who lives outside the city but are students of the college.

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Recently when the pandemic struck and students no longer go to school for face to face classes, Navarro added that it was when Augustinian sisters of Our lady of Consolation which owns all La Consolacion schools in the Philippines re-opened the center.

He said that the center caters to patients who had experienced abuse and those who cannot afford professional fees as the center itself are managed by volunteers, professional psychologists, and Guidance counselors.

According to him the property has served as one of Roces’ greatest legacy to her alma mater which was developed by the sisters in order to help the community.

Despite her fame, Roces is remembered by LCCians as a faithful, humble and empowered woman.

Roces died on 20 May 2022 at the age 80.

Her death was confirmed by her daughter Senator Grace Poe but the cause of her death is yet to be disclosed.

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Mira Nicole Magbanua
Mira Nicole Magbanua
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