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Access-Pro: Achieving the Canadian Dream

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Putting up Access-Pro Immigration Services was, for its owner-operator Gerardine Alcalde, a way of paying it forward.

Daydine remembers her own journey as a migrant to Canada in 2002.  Far from the homesickness was the uncertainty of what lies ahead, of a landing a job, or adjusting to a new environment. 

Access Pro June 24
Access-Pro owner-operator Gerardine Alcalde put up the consultation firm that has been helping people achieve their Canadian dream. | Photo from Access Pro Immigration Services Facebook Page

She also could not forget the time when she had her own immigration briefing, when she was warned against fellow Filipinos.

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“Filipinos cannot be trusted.”

Horror stories abound about Filipinos being conned, duped by compatriots, giving rise to the saying, “Pilipino niloloko ng kapwa Pilipino.”

This could be true, Daydine said but, she is quick to add, Filipinos are also among the first to help you – like a member of the family – when you are at your lowest.

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Access-Pro was created with those diverse experiences as guide.

Daydine, along with good friend Odette Montelibano, took her license as a Canadian Immigration Consultant and put up Access-Pro, an Immigration and immigration and citizenship processing and consultancy firm for people who wish to go to Canada for a holiday, to study, or to live in the Great White North permanently.

Among its services include the following: Caregiver Program, Parent and Grandparent Super Visa,

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Visitor Visa Canada, Canada Experience Class, Work Permit in Canada, Student Visa for Canada,  Business Immigration, Federal Skilled Workers Program, and Provincial Nominee Applications.  (To know more about their services, read our article Life, love, and the Great White North, Part 3). 


Access-Pro and the people behind it have changed the lives of people it had helped. 

Here are just some of the testimonies of their clients:

Access Pro June24 2
Acces-Pro client Nomilyn Cayton, accompanied by her husband Ruel and their son Deuel. Nomilyn will start her program at Conestoga College in January, 2020. | Photo from Access-Pro Immigration Services Facebook page

From Mozghan Mortezai, who whose Work Permit was facilitated by Access -Pro: “I have met with several consultants and lawyers who didn’t believe my case was doable. But Gerardine and Odette made it work. I am now in Canada on a work permit. A big thank you to this wonderful team at Access-Pro for providing me with excellent services.”

From Maico Aluba and April Rose Abecia, who were able to get their International Student and Open Work Permit, thanks to Daydine and her team: “Thank you so much to Access-Pro especially to Ma’am Gie & Ma’am Odette for guiding and processing on our Student and Open Work Permit. …[Y]our encouragement and support boost our confidence to re-apply and you guided us until we got the approval of our visas.”

From Francis and Vimala Sujai, who were able to secure their International Student and Open Work Permit through Access-Pro: “[We are thankful for] the outstanding service we got from Access-Pro Immigration Services team right from the beginning, especially Ms. Gerardine [who] is greatly experienced and knowledgeable and guided us in all the stages of Student Visa process starting from the application to universities until the Work Permit processing for my spouse. She has always clarified the process and answered the questions very promptly. It has been great experience and we are grateful to her and the team.”

Access Pro June24 3
Gerardine Alcalde personally facilitates needs, and the overwhelming positive response has earned her the trust of loyal clients. | Photo from Access-Pro Immigration Services Facebook Page

From Jefferson Garcia Obispo, an International Student: “Thank you Ms. Gie for the sleepless nights until my application for study permit has been submitted and approved. I was nervous because I already got a refusal from a previous application facilitated by another company. But you worked hard to cover all bases to get me approved. Thank you Ms. Odette for getting me accepted in both Fanshawe College and Centennial College. Looking forward to seeing you both soon in Ontario. God bless you both!”

From Anne David, who secured her Post-Graduate Work Permit through Access-Pro: “Thank you Gerardine and Access-Pro team for helping me. It was a tough case because my first school lost its (Designated Learning Institution) eligibility. But your representation with [Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada] helped me secure a three-year Post Graduate Work Permit that allows me to work for ANY employer. I’m now closer to my dream of gaining permanent residency!”

From Tony and Rose Venzuela, who applied for Spousal Sponsorship: “Thank you Ms. Gerardine for helping us with our common-law sponsorship application. We’re about to lose hope because of the 17 years we’ve been hurdling barriers. But since meeting you, we became a bit hopeful, and until we finally received the good news that we can now be together in Canada!”

And there are more. 

Most of the clients had all but given up because they had been refused or told that their situation will make it impossible for them to get what they need – be it a work permit, study permit, or a sponsorship.

But people who have chosen Access-Pro have attested time and again about the commitment, dedication, and efficiency of Daydine and her team.

And true to her commitment to help anyone achieve their Canadian dream, Daydine – powered by the virtues of honesty and integrity – there is no knowing how many more will be assisted by Access-Pro and its very committed, very efficient team.

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