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23 DAYS LATER | Recoveries, deaths, active cases during MECQ

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – From General Community Quarantine, to Enhanced Community Quarantine, to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Now Bacolod is back to General Community Quarantine after having undergone 23 day of MECQ.  Questions remain. Are there gains, if any, during the MECQ?  Specifically, how were the numbers?  Did the recoveries increase? Decrease?

Did the number of new cases rose, or fell?

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DNX gathered processed data reported by the Department of Health Western Visayas.

The following are the conditions: 

  • September 8th will serve as baseline data, on the day that the MECQ was put in place;
  • Data not included are those from the mass testing conducted two weeks before the start of MECQ.

The first data set shows the 23-day trend of the new cases.

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23 day trend of new cases

Data above shows that Bacolod started with 132 new cases.  Then steadily dipped from 132 to 86 in three days (86 in 11 September), before peaking at 186 last 20 September 2020, before dipping again to 36 by 22 September, then rising to 162 by the 25th, and then to a new low of 22 before month’s end. The number closes to 66 by end of the month.

Bacolod has 1152 total Number of cases for the first half (8 September to 19 September), and 1046 total number of cases for the second half (19 September to 30 September).

Bacolod meanwhile averages 96 new number of cases for first half of the MECQ, and 87.17 cases new cases for the second half.

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number of recoveries

Meanwhile, data shows an upward trend for the number of recoveries in the city.  Data shows that the number of recoveries started with 15 at the start of the MECQ, then dipped to six on the next day, then rose to 26 on the third day, and peaked halfway (273 by 18 September) before declining again 155 the next day, and hitting a new low of six before the month’s end, and rising to 71 by end of the month.

The average number of recoveries for the first half is 88.33, while on the second half, it rose to 90.4.

Data also shows that Bacolod has 42 deaths during the MECQ.  The total number of deaths since start of monitoring is 81, which means that almost 52 percent of deaths came from the MECQ period alone.

mecq 23 days later

Meanwhile, the table above show a decline in the total active cases since start of the MECQ.  Number of total active cases since start of MECQ is at 1,291.  The number steadily rose until peaking at 1,548 before dropping to 1,317 the next day, until it reached a low of 1,025 by 23 September, before settling t 1,169 by end of the month.

The last four days also indicate a steady drop in the numbers of active cases in the city.

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