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    Young Lieutenant’s Remarkable Journey Goes Viral, Captivates Millions Across Social Media

    Meet Lieutenant Mark Maligmat: The Expert Tracker and Scout Ranger Making Waves at Just 26 Years Old

    BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – In just two days, a gripping video featuring Young Lieutenant Mark Maligmat in Negros has taken the internet by storm, amassing an impressive 1.3 million views and a whopping 23k thumbs up. The social media sensation, published on the DNX News Facebook page, has sparked a range of emotions with 6.3k heart reacts, 254 care, 162 wow, and even a touch of humor with 19 haha reactions.

    A Rising Star from the Philippine Military Academy

    At first glance, Lieutenant Mark Maligmat might appear to be any fresh college graduate, but this 26-year-old is far from ordinary. A first lieutenant straight out of the prestigious Philippine Military Academy, he has undergone the grueling training of a Scout Ranger – recognized as one of the most challenging in the world.

    Lt Maligmat with DNX Executive Editor Julius Mariveles. | DNX file photo.
    Lt Maligmat with DNX Executive Editor Julius Mariveles. | DNX file photo.

    In the Thick of Action

    Assigned to the 94th Battalion, known as the fightingest unit of the Army under the Third Infantry Division, Lt. Maligmat has not only showcased his expertise as an expert tracker but has actively participated in military actions. Some of these experiences are vividly shared by the young lieutenant in an exclusive interview with DNX.

    Conversations with Lt. Maligmat

    In this must-watch episode of Conversations, Lt. Maligmat sits down with interviewer Julius D Mariveles, and the entire episode is expertly shot and post-produced by Banjo C Hinolan. The interview delves into the challenges, triumphs, and memorable moments that have shaped Lt. Maligmat’s journey so far.

    Social Media Eruption

    The video’s immense popularity is evident not only in its view count but also in the 1.4k shares and 893 comments it has garnered. Viewers from various walks of life are actively engaging with the content, expressing admiration, empathy, and even sharing a few laughs.

    What’s Next for Lt. Maligmat

    As the video continues to make waves, there’s no doubt that Lieutenant Mark Maligmat’s story has struck a chord with millions. Could this be the beginning of a new social media icon, or will his journey take unexpected turns? Stay tuned as we follow the aftermath of this viral sensation and uncover more about the life and experiences of this remarkable young lieutenant.

    Don’t miss out on the conversation – join the millions who have been captivated by Lieutenant Mark Maligmat’s extraordinary journey. Watch the full interview on DNX News Facebook page and be part of the viral sensation that everyone is talking about!

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