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Why Glazyl Masculino is like any millennial, except…

Disclosure: The writer was elected president of the Negros Press Club in 2010, the youngest then at 36.

Glazyl Yulo Masculino loves listening to Jungkook, Jimin, V, and Suga.

Especially Just One Day, a cut from BTS’ Skool Luv Affair album.

A K-pop lover, a millennial, Glazyl Yulo Masculino is not, however, like the typical young woman her age.

Glazyl pounding the beat early. | Photo courtesy of Glazyl Yulo Masculino

At 21, fresh out of college, she dove straight into the local press. She did not devote time to “look” for herself or “find the meaning” of life or crawl through shrubs and underbrush to find the nuanced definitions of joy, happiness or love.

Rather, what she did was to set out on a journey to “discover new things around the corner.”

She became a journalist.

At 21.

Glazyl on vacation. | Photo courtesy of Glazyl Yulo Masculino

With a certain philosophy to it: “I can also challenge myself, discover my fears and desires, and learn more about myself and my role in the world,” Glazyl, who writes as Negros correspondent for a regional paper based in Iloilo, tells DNX a weekend after her headiness had subsided.

Two Saturdays ago, Glazyl, only 27, was elected the youngest president of the oldest club of media practitioners, the Negros Press Club.

The NPC is now 84.

This May-December affair, a seemingly skewed pairing of club and president, a contentious match, was the issue Glazyl had to face, the bull whose horns she had to grapple with during the campaign that became more heated than the usual.

Glazyl, second from right, on the campaign trail weekd ago at the ABS-CBN newsroom. | Photo courtesy of Glazyl Yulo Masculino

“It was tiring but overwhelming,” she tells DNX in an online interview.

“Overwhelming because I did not expect that I would be able to get such big support from the members, associates and even past presidents of the club. I suppressed my emotions for like two weeks.”

And why?

“I was really stressed and worried from all the black propaganda. I even had sleepless nights but I stayed composed under pressure. I had to reach out to everyone which I think personally was a good move because I was able to get to know them. Most of them gave advices and I appreciated it much. There were times I doubted myself because of too much pressure, but I lifted everything to God and did everything I can to win this battle and to genuinely serve the club in my own capabilities.”

She adds, “It was really hard but I trusted my team and I’m very thankful.”

At 27, Glazyl knows she has a lot to do and she plans to do it while listening to K-pop.

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