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Village residents condemn CPP-NPA terrorists

Editors note: The following is a news release sent by 1Lt. Dansan M Camua, civil military operations officer of the 79th Infantry Battalion. DNX is printing it in full with minor edits.

SAGAY CITY, Negros Occidental — Some 210 villagers in Calatrava and Toboso town strongly denounced the violence and atrocities committed by the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) during the two-day consecutive peace rally on March 25-26, 2021.

"Ka Joross," a former rebel shares his experiences in the rebel underground to residents of Sagay City and Toboso town. | Photo by 79th Infantry Battalion
“Ka Joross,” a former rebel shares his experiences in the rebel underground to residents of Sagay City and Toboso town. | Photo by 79th Infantry Battalion

The activity commenced with a film-showing and information drive aimed to give awareness to the residents regarding insurgency, deception and recruitment strategies of the Communist Terrorists Group (CTGs) and to address the issues and concerns of the residents.

Former rebel “Ka Joross” also shared his testimony about his worst and miserable experiences when he was still in the armed group and how the government helped him after he surrendered.

Participants of the activity, mostly youth and parents, led by Brgy Captain Dominador Jubahib of Brgy Cambayobo, Calatrava and Brgy Captain Eulogio Julom of Brgy Bandila, Toboso took their oath of commitment to reject the CPP-NPA in their communities.

This was followed by the burning of the CPP-NPA flag that symbolized their total denouncement of the terrorist organization as they hoisted banners and placards calling for an end to the “terrorist” activities, extortion, harassments and deception to civilians, as well as recruitment of minors by the CTGs.

Simultaneous with the activity was the distribution of educational leaflets that contains information about the benefits of Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Progran (E-CLIP) to encourage members of the CTGs to return to the folds of the law.

Residents of Sagay City and Toboso town burn flags of the Communist Party of the Philippines during an activity facilitated by the 79th Infantry Battalion to boost its counterinsurgency drive. | Photo by 79th Infantry Battalion

Lieutenant Colonel Gerard Alvaran, 79th IB Commanding Officer said, “I urge everyone not to get swayed by the deceptive communist propaganda and help us counter their activities. Armed struggle is not the key, but a big hindrance to attaining peace and development.”

“As your partner in this endeavor, the Masaligan troopers will continue to protect the public, especially the youth from any form of terrorist activities. Help us in encouraging our deceived and misled brothers and sisters to end their fake and senseless armed struggle. Let us convince them to come down and embrace the path to peace with their loved ones,” Lt. Col. Alvaran added.

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