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    Stumble Upon Wanderland: Uncovering the Enigma | Love Week returns at NOHS

    Eyes wandering through the crowd, discovering love in its many forms within the sea of strangers. Love existing in platonic strings, in romantic glimmering eyes, in igniting desire in passions and skills. A nostalgia to a love memoir as February air brushes through her hair, with a sight of crimson roses and heart-shaped balloons brought a warm yet thrilling feeling inside her chest. The suspense and mystery of the air around here lingering, the thought of uncovering love mysteries and unwrapping it in its glory brought ecstasy and anticipation in her as a giddy smile made its way to her lips.

    Photo courtesy of NOHS Supreme Student Government
    Photo courtesy of NOHS Supreme Student Government

    A new love journey is about to begin.

    Negros Occidental High School has released the details for the much-awaited return of its Love Week this February 2023 with the theme: “Stumble Upon Wonderland: Uncovering The Enigma” that starts on 13 until 17 February 2023.

    It promises a variety of events from club to concerts, love chains to wedding booths and more, all awaiting students and guests who will take part in the one-week event.

    “I am looking forward to the events they have prepared because I think it’s going to get really fun and exciting since I never experienced it when I was learning at home,” Grade 8 student Amelia Rose Alvarez said in Hiligaynon when asked about the upcoming event.

    Photo courtesy of NOHS Supreme Student Government

    Eljamae Alcid, on the other hand, said she sees fellow students blushing and panicking if they are being lovechained to their crushes or partners.

    The Grade 10 student added “I think I have a lot of things to really be excited about this event and I really couldn’t wait.”

    On Valentine’s Day itself, the campus turns into a concert ground as Causierto: A Concert For A Cause, starts by nightfall, around 5:30pm, lasting until 7:30pm.

    Photo courtesy of NOHS Supreme Student Government

    On the 17th, the highlight of the festivities will take place.

    U-Night, on 17 February, students can enjoy partying and showcasing their talents to their fellow students or guests, whether through dancing, singing or wearing their favourite cosplay costumes while doing magic tricks.

    As her eyes wander around the crowding field of students, the smiles on their faces plastered on each one of them made a remarkable memory inside her thought, about the time where everyone is finally enjoying one another’s presence without the thought of peril, hearts beating as one as love songs blared through the speakers, a wide excited smile spreading across her face as she steps inside the campus.

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