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SATURDAY OUTAGE: Bacolod-Silay 69kv Line maintenance on Saturday; Talisay, Mountain View, Burgos and Panaogao feeders affected

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) and Central Negros Electric Cooperative, Inc. inform its consumers that maintenance activities will be conducted on October 10, Saturday.

Areas Bacolod-Silay 69kv Transmission Line will be affected.

Areas affected 6am to 7am, then 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. those connected to the Talisay Substation, and feeders are. 

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These are: Talisay Feeder F1, namely North Side areas from Talisay substation to highway along Magsaysay Road, TUP, Talisay High School (RBLMHS), Talisay Elementary School, Talisay Water District, Carmela Valley Homes, TESDA, CENECO sub-office, Zone 4A, Zone 2, Catabla, Baricutot, GamboaSubd., San Lorenzo Subd.,New City Hall, Villa Carmela, SitioMambukog, SitioNacab, Hda. BuenRetiro, SitioBubog, Kooll Co. Inc., St. Paul Village’

ceneco power advisory for october 10 2020 1

Talisay Feeder 2, namely South Side Area (from Talisay Substation to Highway) along Magsaysay, Zone 9, Zone 7, South Elementary School, Tayabas  Elementary School, Talisay Sugar Mill Compound, Miramar Park Subd., CICM Seminary, Natures Village, Hda. Clafarols, Town and Country Negros, Ayala North Point, Hda. Jose Maria, Ford, Honda Cars, La Costa Brava, Ayala Metro District, AmaiaScapes North Point, Avida Village North Point, Asyana (Verdana Homes) ),

Brgy.1, Banago, Bacolod Ice Plant, Sto. Niño Stop, Sta. Clara Phase II, Pepsi Cola Plant, Prk. Langis, San Mateo Village, NN Wharf up to SitioSibucao, Prk. Paraiso, Prk. Kasagingan, Prk. Lawayan, Prk. Rosas Pandan, Gatuslao imperial court going to north drive, Crossing Lacson st. BS. Aquino drive going to Puregold. Cordova St., Puregold going to north circumferential road;

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Page 1 copy of CENECO press release for power interruption on October 10, 2020. | Photo from CENECO website.
Page 1 copy of CENECO press release for power interruption on October 10, 2020. | Photo from CENECO website.

Talisay Feeder 3, namely Menlo Heights Subd., Triad Subd.,Hda. Minuluan Guinto, Hda. Uwak, village of Busay, Sugar valley Subd., village of  Binaliwan, San Esteban Subd.,Hda. OtillaLacson, Virgen I,II and III, Hda. Locsin, Hda. San Rafael (Balabag), village of Dos Hermanas, Bagtic, Del Fuego 1&2, First Farmers, Hda. Sta. Teresita, Hda. Antonio, Hda. Carmen, Hda. San Jose, Hda. Magdalena, village of Matab-ang, Suton, Hda. Gusa, Hda. Manaul, Hda. Bungyod, Hda. Bacong, Hda. San Isidro, village of Granada, Prk. Kabukiran, Hda. Cataywa 1, 2 & 3, Hda. Anita,–Brgy. Estefania, Baciwa Pumping Stations –  Granada village, Hda. Manaloto / Bantod, Habitat Homes, Concepcion village, Cabungahan village, San Fernando village, Brgy. Cabatangan, Campuestuhan, Brgy. Estefania, Hda. Luciana, Hda. Dos Hermanas, Prk. Coci, Hda. Asuncion.

From 6 am to 8 am, then 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., the following areas are affected under the Mountain View Feeders:

Mountain View Feeder 1 namely Lopue’sMandalagan, Bangga Subay, Portion of Sta. Clara I (Back of Lopues), Mandalagan Highway (from corner Lacson and Mt. View Road to North Drive), 25th, 26th, 27th St, Convergys and Carmelite Monastery, Sunny Ville, BomboRadyo;

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Page 2 copy of CENECO press release for power interruption on October 10, 2020. | Photo from CENECO website.
Page 2 copy of CENECO press release for power interruption on October 10, 2020. | Photo from CENECO website.

MF2, namely Magdalene Ville, La Salle Avenue, University of St. La Salle, portion of C.L. Montelibano up to Mormons including Villa Ramos Subd., St. Scholastica’s Academy, Tierra Minerva, CapitolvilleSubd., Eroreco, Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, Mission Viejo Subd., Villa Georgina Subd. , Medical Specialist, St. John’s Activity Center, Doctor’s Hospital, Triangle Plaza, SantoriniSubd.,Prk. Yanson 1 & 2,Hervias Village 2,

MF3, namely Lacson St. (from Northdrive to South Capitol Road), 12th St. (from Provincial Capitol to Aguinaldo), 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd Sts., part of 23rd, L’ Fisher Hotel, North Drive (21st  to La Salle Drive), Redemptorist Church, 17th St. (from B.S. Aquino Drive to Aguinaldo St.), Riverside Medical Center, North Drive (Riverside MAB – La Salle Drive), Mc Donald’s, PNB, DBP, Bank Of Commerce, portions of 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th Streets and portion of 12th St.

Page 3 copy of CENECO press release for power interruption on October 10, 2020. | Photo from CENECO website.
Page 3 copy of CENECO press release for power interruption on October 10, 2020. | Photo from CENECO website.

MF4, namely Bata Subd. Including Gold Crest Subd., and Octagon Village (Talisay), whole of Mt. View Subd. includingPorferiaSubd., Sta. Clara Phase I, Villa ValderramaSubd., Sto. Rosario, Lacson St. (from Lopue’sMandalagan to Bangga Pepsi), Mandalagan Highway, Circumferential Road, Federal Johnson Iron Works to Marapara HeightsSubd., Bacolod Golf & Country Club, Montebello Subd., The Ruins, Theresa Dev’t. Corp. Subd.

MF5 Robinson’s Commercial Complex.

Page 4 copy of CENECO press release for power interruption on October 10, 2020. | Photo from CENECO website.
Page 4 copy of CENECO press release for power interruption on October 10, 2020. | Photo from CENECO website.

Areas affected from 6 am to 6 pm are those under Substation, and feeders.

These are:

Burgos Feeder 1 namely, Villa Homes, Buena Park, Glenwood Subd., Villa Angela, Villa Angela Relocation Site, Regent Pearl, River Walk, Helvetia Heights,Savemore, Hi Stripbldng, Panasiatic Solutions, East Block, Lopue’s East Annex (bowling center), Patria Village, Trinity Christian School, New Government Center (NGC), Lopue’s East Building, Gonzaga Subd., Morata’s Photography, Burgos St. (from Circumferential Road to Lopez Jaena), Rio Compound, Chinese Temple, portion of BMMC  (Burgos Entrance).

BF2, namely Capitol Hills, Greensville I, II, III, Capitol Heights, PHHC, Villa San Agustin,Akina East, Royal Meadows, Sto. Niño Village, Villa Estefania, Palisades, Camp A. Montelibano, Colegio de San Agustin (CSA), Patricia Homes, PNP Head Quarters, Hi Residences Condominiums, PurokBanaue, Maranatha Circumferential Road, Jack ‘n’ Jill School, Bob’s Place – portion of C.L. Montelibano Ave., Villa Fe, Prk. Sabes, Prk. Isla, Prk. Gugma, Prk. Active, Sta. Monica, Burgos Extension, WNU, Galo BBB, portion of Circumferential Road(From Lopues East – Prk. Active), Prk. Tumpok, Esperanza Diolast., Dona Aurora st., Magsaysay St., Villamonte,Villa San Agustin,Burgos St. (from Circumferential Road to Lopez Jaena).

BF3, from Camingawan Substation to Alangilan including Hda. Boro-Boro and Bantud, Granada, Granada Heights, Charito Heights, San Dionisio, Capitol Village, Sam Village, Sta. Fe, SMC Village, Jesusa Heights, Sunshine Valley Subd., Villa Villeta, Villa Angeles, Rolling Hills, Hda. Pedring, Villa Soledad, BACIWA Soledad Station, AbadaEscay, Prk. Mayang, Prk. Pedring, Prk. Arao, Prk. Flora, Hda. Conchita, Hda. Rosario, Glendale Homes, USLS Ecopark, Hda. Carmen, Alunan Relocation Site, Boy’s Home, SitioBalogo, Arceo, Executive, Carmela de Bacolod, Providence Negros, Stone Haven, Hda. Balabag, Granada Royal, Bantug Real Estate, Golden Gate, Prk. 12 Kabutongan, Prk. Kaburihan,Hda. Elsa, Hda. Loygoy.

BF4, from East Homes I, II, and III Subdivisions, Savemore,Cityville Subdivision, Celine Homes Subdivision, Fortune Town Subdivision, PurokPag-asa Relocation Site, Villa Estefania 1&2, Villa Alexandra 1&2, Meadows of Camelot Subdivision, PurokVillamar. EstanziaSubd., Carmencita, La Herencia Negrense, Villa Lucasan Subd., Capitol Heights Phase V, Abkasa Camella Subd., Country Homessubd. Country Homes phase 3.

Areas under Panaogao Substations are out from  6 am to 9am, and then 5 pm to 6 pm.

Areas affected are  Lopez Feeder 1, from Caneland (AIDSISA), Mansiguinon, Lantawan, Brgy. Guimbalaon, Brgy. Kapitan Ramon, Brgy. Patag, E. Lopez, Hda. Pula, Hda. Napilas 2, Sitio Hiyang2x, Tayap Proper, Patag, Hda. Caridad, Hda. Maria Conception, Hda. Camantero 3, Hda. Qinalatan.

LF2, from Provincial Hospital, portion of Silay St., Olaybar St., Villa Hergon, Villa Hergon Phase 2, Had. Matagoy, Burgos St. Bonifacio St.

LF3, from Hawaiian Central, Silay, Brgy. Balaring, SitioBungol, SitioMambag-id, SitioBeraño, portion of Brgy. Lantad.

Panaogao Feeder 1, from Mc Kinley Road (from Silay substation to Silay Airport)

PF2, from Panao-gao Substation to McKinley Gomez, Sta. Theresa Academy, Silay Institute, Equitable Bank, Ice Plant, CENECO (SFO), Sea View Subd., Highway (StaTheresita – Sea View), SitioDacutanDacu, HofileniaSubd., Carmela Valley Silay, Hda. Consolacion, Brgy. Guinhalaran, Sea View, BuenRetiro, Major part of Silay Proper, Brgy. Mambulak. Gomez St., Zamora St.

This is to ensure reliability of distribution lines to avoid further serious damages that will result to major interruptions. NGCP, the advisory said, is to conduct preventive maintenance servicing of 100 Power Transformer; transfer of source from Bacolod-Silay to Bacolod-Cadiz 69kV T/L the Bacolod-Cadiz to Bacolod-Silay 69kV T/L;

Correction of hot spot 69kV primary metering surge arrester at Mt. View Substation, Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City; Open/close of 69kV Air Break Switch at Abkasa, Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City;

repair/correction/re-alignment of 69kV Air Break Switch serving San Miguel Corp. and Burgos Substation, and replacement of 69kV rotten pole;

preventive maintenance Servicing of 30 MCA Power Transformer and correction of Hot Spot; line clearing covering maintenance of BF1, BF2, BF3 & BF4; open/close of 69kV Air Break Switch at Providence Negros;

preventive maintenance servicing at Panaogao Substation for the correction of Hot Spot; and, line Clearing covering of LF1, LF2 and LF3. Electricity consumers are further advised that, in the event of any power interruption, electrical switch/es should be turned-off for safety reasons, as well as provide allowance of about 10-15 minutes before switching on all electrical appliances and facilities to avoid power surge.

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