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Migi Dujon: Ethereal, dreamy, timeless

PORTRAIT OF A DESIGNER. Migi Dujon, designer of gowns made in lace heaven.
PORTRAIT OF A DESIGNER. Migi Dujon, designer of gowns made in lace heaven.

There’s a certain timeless elegance to a wedding gown made from lace.  It evokes images of princes, and princesses, of manors and opulent hallways and glass chandeliers.

There’s something romantic and dreamy about a lace wedding gown ever since 50’s luminary Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III of Monaco.  When the peerless beauty stepped into the Cathedral to be wed, photographers were in a tizzy, trying to capture her taffeta-and-lace confection through their lenses.

Timeless. There is something about lace gowns that made them a favorite of brides wanting to make their special day even more special. Photo furnished to DNX by Migi Dujon

Now combine with sheer talent, a deft touch of an artist, and the intuition of a woman.  There’s something about the Vera Wangs or the Stella Yorks of this world that make them the ideal go-to-persons in creating dreamy masterpieces for one of the most important events in a woman’s life.

And speaking of Stella York, there is something of the Australian designer in Migi Dujon’s creations: the lacy designs, the fragile femininity that brings out the delicate beauty of the ultimate wedding gown.

Brides and brides-to-be seek out Migi Atelier to have their hands on creations like the one above.

Migi has been around the fashion industry for all of 10 years but already, young brides and brides-to-be who want their special day extra-special and romantic, as well as girls on the cusp of womanhood are seeking her out, frantically sliding up, down their Facebook pages to contact the young designer for a lacy, delicate dress of their own.

There’s also the lovely dovetailing of delicate and dainty crystals in some of Migi’s creations, creating an almost ethereal quality to the dresses, evoking images of flaxen-haired elves from Tolkien’s stories.

Dreamy. There’s an almost ethereal quality to a Migi Atelier dress, such as the one shown above. Photo furnished to DNX by Migi Dujon.

It was thus fitting that somebody as talented as Migi was invited to be part of Born Brave, a benefit fashion show directed by Rodney Ascalon.  The show, which will be on October 12, will be held at the SMX Convention Bacolod. 

The event is in collaboration with the office of Bacolod representative Cong. Greg Gasataya, the avowed champion for mental health.  Proceeds of the benefit show will go to Youth for Mental Health – Bacolod Chapter, and Happy Hearts Foundation.

She grabbed the opportunity to join the event.

“I joined Born Brave to raise awareness and spread positivity. Those who are born special should be treated equally, we should see the person, not the illness,” Migi says.

For the designer, there is life even after a diagnosis; being diagnosed with a mental disorder is not necessarily the end of the road.

As pure as driven snow. Migi Atelier’s gowns are made from talent and woman’s intuition for what works and what doesn’t.

“There is life after being diagnosed with mental health illness… each of us is beautiful in every way,” she tells DNX of her views on mental health.

And what is her advice to those struggling with mental health issues:  “Don’t let negative thoughts consume you, you alone have the power to enact real change on how you think, behave, and cope on a daily basis. Be strong because you are born brave.”

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