Monday, April 15, 2024
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JUVENTUS: Thriving amidst the pandemic

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As the world reels over the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people and their respective livelihoods are affected.


The government also calibrates its measures in contributing to the flattening of the curve. Schools and universities had to mobilize their learning platforms to ensure that students acquire quality education.

Children, senior citizens, and those who live in impoverished areas feel the full brunt of the pandemic.

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Many of us are bored and feel unproductive at this point of time.

We cannot do a lot of things that we usually did before the pandemic struck. There are many of us who have mental anxieties which are prevalent nowadays, especially among my fellow youth.

Despite the ongoing crisis, there are also a lot of things worth exploring to ensure that we can keep ourselves productive and healthy.

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How can we achieve productivity?

First, there are virtual conferences or ‘’webinars’’ where we can acquire information about pressing social issues abounding in society today. Moreover, it can be a gateway for the
youth to establish networking despite it being held online.

Second, we can provide help to those who are in need even in small ways. As youth, we can still make a difference at this point of time. We should not limit ourselves to help those people who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We can still donate small amounts or goods if we have some extra allowance for it.

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Lastly, we can learn to make a stand. As we deal with so many problems today, we should not deprive ourselves of means of expressing our sentiments wisely.

We should also use our voice to educate people about our advocacies and help them maximize their potential in becoming socially responsible citizens of our country.

Therefore, we look certain to make ourselves productive as long as we exercise a strong determination to look for opportunities especially within the digital community.

Let us not allow the current condition of the world to overpower our roles because the world needs more of us and our unflinching spirit during these hard times.

It is time to soar, and by striving together, we can win the fight against the invisible enemies of
our society.

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