Lessons from a pandemic


The author is the 2012 winner of Lin-ay Sang Negros, considered the premier beauty pageant in Negrod Occidental province.

A Mass Communication graduate, Allysa is a former flight attendant who describes herself as a “stay at home mom” who looks after her two kids.

She and her family are now based in Misawa, Japan.

Who could’ve ever been prepared for this pandemic?


When it unfolded in China, I didn’t give it much thought.

I shrugged it off thinking it would not have an immense effect on my life, but it did.

Covid19, where do I start?

A lot of lives were taken away because of this virus, the normality of everyday living was greatly affected and people who were solely depending on their jobs to get by each day lost their bread and butter.

Mainly as a mother it brought me anxiety and stress.

I can’t stand the thought of any of my loved ones getting sick. How will I raise my toddler in a normal way when even going out is a risk to take?

It was extremely stressful for me being pregnant while the world was in lockdown.

But in the midst of this pandemic, I birthed a beautiful baby girl.

Despite the chaos around.

Amidst everything that is happening.

Covid19 taught me to not take things for granted.

To appreciate the little things, and to cherish every moment we have together, as we may not be so sure of what the future holds anymore.

It is important to be with loved ones, but also not forgetting to check on those who are alone.

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