An appeal from your Paper


Vigorous debate, fiery discussions, and passionate language are part of a democratic discussion. But please, we ask you, avoid personal insults and slander.

It will expose you to similar attacks and we will not allow that on this page.

That is, of course, the risk you have to take.

Please, let us be guided by a sense of community, of wanting to make our society better. Most of all, the basics of decency, respect and good manners must apply.

A keyboard or a smartphone is not a license or a tool to indiscriminately attack anyone.

We appreciate your presence on our social media page and website but we hope ethics should also guide you as much as we adhere to journalistic canons.

Image from Above and Beyond Caring LLC.

We owe it to you.

And remember, laws govern the use of cyberspace. Don’t court a lawsuit. It’s Christmas.

DNX strives to uphold free speech, one of the bedrocks of our democracy.

But we also believe in responsibility, accountability, and caring for each other.

Let this be our motto.

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