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Delta variant outpaces previous ones, vaccinologist says

The Delta variant is now outpacing others mainly because of the increase in its transmissibility.

Screencap from Dr. Melvin J. Sanicas FB account.
Screencap from Dr. Melvin J. Sanicas FB account.

World-renowned vaccinologist Dr. Melvin Sanicas said the new variant has achieved the level of dominance not achieved by the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma variants.

Sanicas said as of 29 June 2021, 96 countries have reported cases “though this is likely an underestimate”.

“A number of these countries are attributing surges in infections and hospitalizations to this variant,” he said.

He said even major cities have changed their protocols because of the variant.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health strongly recommends everyone regardless of vaccination status to wear masks indoors in public places as a precautionary measure.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noted that Delta variants are now responsible for about 20 percent of new infections across the country, up from approximately only 10 percent the week before.

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