Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Revolutionary Government: An explainer

Earlier this week, a substantial portion of a citizens group highly supportive of President Rodrigo Duterte met in western Luzon to announce their support for installing a “revolutionary government” over the Philippines to ensure that the Chief Executive keeps his promise of shifting to a federal system before the end of his term. The MRRD-NECC stated, too, that this proposed change should be to trigger a “cultural revolution”.

Philippine agriculture: Resilience amid recession

As the country sails into the economic doldrums, businesses here are feeling the pinch, some have scaled down operations, retrenched or rotated workers, others have shut down entirely.

Lessons from a Singapore Sojourn

Recently, I was asked by my friend Joevel to write about my experiences in the Republic of Singapore, where I had the opportunity to visit in 2016 and in 2019. Upon her beckoning and mention of the subject, I quickly grabbed the opportunity to do so.

Quo Vadis, Filipinas?

On the historic date of June 30, 2016, my classmates had our attendance checked in our ten-thirty class. Our professor, having also grasped its looming significance, dismissed us early. Hurriedly we traveled to my house to the tune of The Foundations’ “Baby, Now That I’ve Found You” among other 1960s Motown Hits, after picking up some siomai across school. The mood was ecstatic, euphoric even, never mind the somewhat overcast weather.


Eduardo Murphy Cojuangco – billionaire entrepreneur, presidential friend, and business magnate.

Crucifixion, Compassion, and the Coen Brothers

In the Coen Brothers’ black comedy film “Burn After Reading”, protagonist Osborne Cox, who is played so magnificently by acclaimed actor John Malkovich, is...

Impeachment 101

This is not the first time impeachment of a controversial president has happened. Neither was it the second, nor the third. This was the...

What’s in a system: The pitfalls and pratfalls of the presidential system

Whose institution is the most powerful in the Philippines today? Whose views, regardless of their form or origin or soundness, are taken as almost gospel truth?...

Obscure Bits of Christmas Carols

At the end of every year, the holiday season is not only the time to reflect on the strength of our faith and the...

Most Read

MONEYWATCH | “COVID response-centered” 2021 budget three hearings away from approval

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines - The P2.6 billion budget for 2021, down by at least P400 million compared to the 2020 one, is only around three hearings away from approval by the council here, the chair of the finance and appropriations committee told DNX.

DNX FASHION | Tahom | Ethical, sustainable fashion for a cause

Think of the scandalously expensive Birkin bag, or Louis Vuitton purse that costs as much as a down payment for a house.

Five-hour power outage in Murcia, DSB tomorrow

Central Negros Electric Cooperative, Inc. informs its consumers that maintenance activities will be conducted on November 21, Saturday.

Church to City Hall: shorten curfew hours for Simbang Gabi

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines - The Diocese of Bacolod has requested the city government to reduce the curfew hours in December to give...