Ford v Ferrari: Fast and very furious


It’s Batman and Jason Bourne. And in one scene that could have been a parody of either films, even Batman vs Bourne.

Ford vs. Ferrari image screengrab.
Ford vs. Ferrari image screengrab.

Ford v Ferrari is a throwback to those films whose main purpose is just to tell a good ol’ yarn — and seems to be enjoying itself while doing so.

Film introduces us to the feud between two colossal pricks, I mean egos: Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford II over a car ownership deal that went horribly awry. As a result, Ford II decided to challenge Ferrari’s dominance in the racing circuit by ordering his team to come up with a racing car that would crush the Italian brand on the tracks.

Enter retired race car driver Carroll Shelby of Shelby American (Matt Damon) who soon recruited Kevin Miles (Matthew McConaughey), an incredibly talented driver with an incredibly short fuse.

And the ride ensues.

Ford v Ferrari is a rip-roaring, testosterone-charged flick, an accurate depiction of the racing circuit littered with stories of one-upmanship, braggadocio, and testosterone.

Film also gets lots of solid support from supporting cast led by Jon Bernthal as Ford VP Lee Iacocca, Tracy Letts as Ford II, Josh Lucas as Ford Senior Executive Leo Beebe and token sleazeball (film gotta have its sort-of villain).

Racing enthusiasts who follow the racing news would be thrilled to see the re-enactment of the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, a punishing race notorious for its high attrition rate (very few finishes from the high number of entries).

Lovers of racing car history would be thrilled to see how the Ford GT series was started.

But pedestrians out for a good story and entertainment — that’s me — would be absolutely happy to be taken for a ride, literally. Film also flies (races?) on the strength of the top stars’ charisma and easy chemistry, proving that Messrs Damon and McConaughey are becoming two of the brightest, most talented actors of their generation.

Ford v Ferrari is one thrill ride.

One that this writer would not mind taking again.

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