Waiting for Godot? Is a vaccine for COVID-19 near?


BACOLOD CITY, Philippines – Amid the global scare over the COVID-19, news broke out from the United Kingdom that scientists of a US-based genetic engineering company in Texas has “completed a coronavirus vaccine.”

The report, written by Natalie Rahal, said scientists at Greffex, “claim they have created a coronavirus vaccine,” a claim they told to the Houston Business Journal.

The company said the vaccine is ready for animal testing and review by US regulators.

The report came following the announcement of UK scientists that they had begun testing their shots and after researchers at Austin University said they had made a compound that could serve as a vaccine.

Rahal also pointed out the development of the vaccine is a “first step toward distributing one.”

She added most estimates suggest that testing and production could take between 18 months and two years.

Greffex has not yet announced its timeline.


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