FAQs about beta run


Thanks for the support you have for our online paper since the start of our beta run last August 19.

We have received a lot of questions through private messages since then, so let me take this opportunity to answer them here because these are Frequently Asked Questions.


Q. DNX is on its beta run. What is a beta run?
A. A beta run is an UNOFFICIAL, partial run. Products undergo beta testing to check how audience react to it, to identify possible glitches so that these can be fixed. This is the same with the DNX beta run. We are running on partial capacity, and we have not officially launched yet. Think of a beta run as a dress rehearsal for theater, or a tech run for a show. We are presenting a not-yet-perfect product that is why we are open for suggestions at this point. Feel free to contact any of the editors for suggestions and comments.

Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash

Q. Do you do prenups and weddings?
A. No. We are not an events coverage team. We are a news team; our coverages have a journalistic bent. But if you need your wedding or prenup covered, we can refer you to friends who are already experts in the biz.

Q. What is digital-first?
A. That simply means that our first presence is via the digital platform, not paper. Just like Rappler except we tell hyper-local stories with research and investigation.

Q. What makes DNX multimedia?
A. When we tell stories, we do so through video shorts, feature stories, photo essays, documentaries. We fuse traditional story-telling with digital technology.

Q. What is the Switch campaign?
A. Simply means, it is a campaign to #Switch from paper to digital.

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