Station 3 chief: Banago, Taculing drug peddlers have same supplier


BACOLOD CITY – The two biggest drug hauls so far here trace their supply to the same person: a merchant from other parts of the country.

And these operations, which netted a total of P27 million worth of suspected meth, were all conducted by operatives of Police Station 3.

Two policemen of the station had been in hot water after two of the suspected drug high value targets bolted jail with two other detainees.

Station chief, Police Major Ruel Culanag, told DNX the three high-value targets: Kenneth Apostol, 27; Sunny Capa, 22; and Ely Sazon, 20 are all being supplied by a dealer “from out town” whom he did not name.

Apostol was nabbed early morning today, 10 January 2020, in the sub-village of Gonzaga, Taculing village with P18 million worth of alleged meth while Capa and Lorenzo were arrested 21 December 2019 in Banago village with suspected shabu valued at P9.1 million.

Culanag told DNX the three peddlers are apparently linked as the arrest of Capa and Lorenzo led to the operation against Apostol.

“They are linked by the same supplier,” Culanag said.

He gave a brief description of the dealer but requested DNX that it remain off the record.

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