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Five Teen Flicks You Must See Before Adulting

There are movies, and then there are movies. There are flicks(teen flicks) that we watch purely because, well, there is nothing left to...

Remembering Nanay

Special to DNX She was angry, and tired. She would then declare, "I will be going back to Bacolod, and never I will return...

Volunteerism: The Noble and Not-So-Secret (Art of) Service

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines - The bus’ tires swirled dust and tracked grime as it lumbered through the unpaved roads of the district. On...

Robredo remembered

De Todo Un Poco Seven years ago today the Philippines lost a hero. Into the Masbate Sea crashed a light aircraft carrying then Interior and...

Who is DNX?

The Digital News Exchange is a fusion of old and new technology. This, too, is the reality behind the people who compose DNX.

Why DNX?

Everything now is digital. Everyone is going online. A new dress, a bottle of vitamin supplements, a camera, a kitchen appliance – you can get all these...
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